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  2. Mizulina forces Yekaterinburg student to apologize for criticizing mandatory military service

Mizulina forces Yekaterinburg student to apologize for criticizing mandatory military service

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The head of the 'Safe Internet League,' Ekaterina Mizulina, threatened a student with punishment for discrediting the army after he called mandatory military service useless during a Q&A session at Ural Federal University (UrFU) on February 6. This was reported by the 'Groza | Yekaterinburg' media outlet.

At a meeting with the head of the 'Safe Internet League,' Ekaterina Mizulina, Ural Federal University student Ivan Doronin referred to conscripts undergoing mandatory military service as 'useless.' The official threatened him with punishment for discrediting the army and coerced an apology. Other students applauded and shouted 'Russia' at Mizulina's request.

Ivan Doronin eventually revealed that he had attended the meeting specifically to express his opposition to the ongoing political processes in Russia.

"I don't support her [Ekaterina Mizulina] at all. I believe that she should be imprisoned for her activities as they directly threaten the constitutional order of my country," elaborated the student.

Photo from the Telegram channel 'Groza Yekaterinburg.' Source: t.me

During the session, Mizulina also claimed that Ural media are not subject to censorship, despite the fact that the regional outlet 'Vechernie Vedomosti' was fined 1 million rubles for articles on anti-war protests.

Students also inquired whether Yaroslav 'SHAMAN' Dronov, an artist whose songs have become symbols of the war in Ukraine, had served in the military. Mizulina argued that Dronov was beyond the draft age.

On February 5, the head of the 'Safe Internet League' delivered a lecture at a school in Sverdlovsk Oblast and discussed the potential blocking of VPNs starting on March 1. Authorities plan to restrict access to major VPN services, labeling them as 'a portal to hell.' According to Mikhail Klimarev, executive director of the 'Internet Protection Society,' the blockings commenced shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Many schoolchildren wished to attend the meeting and waited for Mizulina on the streets. Their backpacks were checked before the lecture, and they were not allowed to approach the official. At the conclusion of her speech, the children shouted 'Russia.'


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