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  2. 82-year-old woman from Karelia lives in a crumbling barrack on supports

82-year-old woman from Karelia lives in a crumbling barrack on supports

An 82-year-old woman from Karelia lives in a crumbling barrack, the walls of which are held up by supports. Her house was recognized as failing in 2019, but she was promised rehousing no earlier than in 2023. The Otrazhenie. Karelia Community reported that.

82-year-old Nadezhda Dieva from the Medvezhegorsky District of Karelia is the only inhabitant of the barrack, which is already 65 years old. The house has collapsed badly, its roof is leaking, and in order to prevent it from complete decay, the woman installed supports that hold the walls.

Дом держится за счет подпорок

The house is held up by supports. Photo: Otrazhenie. Karelia. Source: vk.com

Nadezhda Alexandrovna has repeatedly filed appeals with the district administration. In 2019, her house was recognized as failing; however, the barrack has not yet been resettled. In 2021, the Minister of Housing and Building of Karelia notified its resident about this and promised to resettle her after 2023.

She was offered temporary housing until 2023, but it also turned out to be failing and was located 125 km away from her current home. As a result, the woman appealed to the court, which decided to provide comfortable housing, but the administration of Medvezhegorsk said that they had no vacant housing.

Karelian activist Tatiana Smirnova told the story of 72-year-old Alexander Pokotilo from Pyalma, who has nowhere to live, in her blog on 7x7. In 2019, he was asked to vacate the apartment, which was located in an old house, for the period of time, while there was a major renovation. Since then, the repair has not been completed. In addition, all his belongings were taken outside, where they deteriorated.


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