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  2. Historical village in Karelia burns to the ground due to poor road conditions delaying firefighters

Historical village in Karelia burns to the ground due to poor road conditions delaying firefighters

Источник: Andrey Monastyrshin's VK page
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A fire broke out in the Karelian village of Gridino on May 24, destroying at least 15 houses. Firefighters took a long time to arrive due to the poor quality of the road. Preliminary results of the prosecutor’s investigation were published by Andrey Monastyrshin, a deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly.

The preliminary causes of the fire in Gridino, a historical village in the Republic of Karelia, were identified as an emergency mode of the electricity network and violations of fire safety regulations.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the Rosseti power company and the administration of the Kuzemsky settlement had been penalized several times for these violations, but officials and the resource supply organization still allowed the fire to occur. After the incident, the prosecutor’s office once again urged them to correct the violations.

A similar directive was issued to the Highway Administration of the Republic of Karelia. The investigation revealed that the poor condition of the road leading to the village caused the firefighters’ delay.

The fire in Gridino occurred on May 24 when a utility pole fell due to strong winds, igniting dry grass. The fire destroyed at least 15 houses, as well as the administration and club buildings. One person required an ambulance. Residents accused the administration of attempting to conceal the circumstances of the tragedy.

According to the channel From Karelia with freedom, the region’s authorities have still not provided substantial assistance to restore the historical village. The channel's authors expressed their discontent, noting that millions of rubles are being spent on a "sponsored district" in Zaporizhzhia instead.


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