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  2. Conscripts from Arkhangelsk are given booklets with arguments for the war in Ukraine

Conscripts from Arkhangelsk are given booklets with arguments for the war in Ukraine

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Booklets with poems and slogans justifying the war in Ukraine were distributed to conscripts at a pre-gathering point in Arkhangelsk. The 29.ru Media Outlet reported this.

Booklets with poems, children's letters, and rhymed slogans, calling on "beating the enemies for those killed in Donbas, for women, grandmothers, children, for exhausted Mariupol, for life in basements, in the dark", are distributed at pre-gathering points. Those mobilized to the war in Ukraine receive them. The booklets report 152 children killed in Donbas and give arguments for those who do not understand why they were summoned and why the special operation started.

В буклете встречаются подобные фразы

There are phrases like this in the booklet ('Do not count days and miles; count Banderites you killed [crossed out] denazified '). Photo: Elena Ionaitis. Source: 29.ru

There are the following slogans in the booklets:

"During the special operation, the troops were able to seize documents that confirm Ukraine's plans to attack Russia. It is also known about nuclear and biological weapons' development in cooperation with the West."

"NATO countries, led by the United States, pumped Ukraine with weapons and equipment and fueled hardcore Russophobia. We are conducting the special operation today so that our children do not have to do this."

"Ukraine has conducted consistent terror against citizens, from beatings and humiliations for using the Russian language to torture chambers and prisons."

"Radicals and extremists were not just located in Ukraine, but also actively participated in politics, had militant groups, tortured and murdered citizens."

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization on September 21. What "partial mobilization" means, whom it affects, whether it is possible to refuse military service, and how conscripts can defend their rights — the 7x7 Online Newspaper gathered expert answers.


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