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  2. Kaliningrad Oblast governor calls philosopher Immanuel Kant 'a Russian trophy'

Kaliningrad Oblast governor calls philosopher Immanuel Kant 'a Russian trophy'

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During a session of the International Kant Congress on April 22, Governor Anton Alikhanov characterized the German philosopher Immanuel Kant and the entire Kaliningrad Oblast as 'a Russian trophy.'

Governor Anton Alikhanov believes that the ideas of Immanuel Kant must be reevaluated 'in the spirit of the age.'

"Today, we must engage with Kant for two reasons. A philosopher should serve as an active interlocutor; their ideas should be subject to discussion, revision, debate, and interpretation in accordance with the spirit of the age. Such a dialogue with a philosopher and their philosophy fosters genuine thought and represents the highest form of respect. The second reason is that Kant is a Russian trophy for us. So too is everything you see in the Kaliningrad Oblast," asserted the head of the region.

Alikhanov also pondered whether artificial intelligence could possess morality, as humans do according to Kant. One of the questions posed by the governor is whether computers 'would adhere to the values prescribed in the decree of the state leader.'

In February, the head of Kaliningrad Oblast held Kant responsible for the onset of the war in Ukraine. According to Alikhanov, the German philosopher's ideas shaped the foundations of Western ethics, leading to 'the West violating agreements since ancient times.'


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