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  2. IT specialists from Germany were fined 2,000 rubles

IT specialists from Germany were fined 2,000 rubles

They are accused of breach of the conditions of stay in the country

German citizens (detained near the shopping center "Volna" yesterday) were held in the new building of the FMS more than 3 hours and then were released and fined 2 thousand rubles.


Let us recall that the experts of the IT laboratory "Sublab" ( Leipzig) took part in a seminar on IT security in the office of "Nature and Youth". The chief of the department of immigration control of the FMS Mikhail Shlapak found that they violated the breach of their conditions of stay in the Russian Federation, as their actions were inconsistent with the goal of their trip — "Youth Communication". Please note that Mr. Shlapak told NA B-port that during unscheduled on-site inspection of the above-mentioned seminar, violations weren’t detected.


As we wrote earlier, the members of the non-governmental organization and proxy holders were kept out of the building. They tell that the staff member on duty at the entrance of the building said that "there are no citizens in the building now".


The citizens of Germany don’t agree with a passed on decision and intend to appeal it in court. Representatives of the organization "Nature and Youth" are also going to challenge the legality of the inspection in their office in a court of law and have already sent a complaint to the prosecutor's office, the Federal Migration Service and human rights commissioner of the Murmansk region.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/34895?r=murmansk

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