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Udmurtia journalist beaten up for writing about drone production in region

Alexander Skvortsov, a journalist for the Telegram channel 'Izhevsky Venik,' was attacked by unknown individuals. His colleagues, one of whom spoke to '7x7' on February 1, shared that Skvortsov had been threatened due to his reporting on a company engaged in drone production in the region.

Colleagues of journalist Alexander Skvortsov from the Telegram channel 'Izhevsky Venik' reported that the man was abducted by three unknown individuals on the night of January 28 while he was out to collect materials from a source. Allegedly, the kidnappers held him in a basement for three days.

"One of the kidnappers said that no one should be sh***ing on well-respected individuals or mentioning Zala Aero [a drone-producing company]. To make their point crystal clear, they beat him professionally, leaving no traces. Alexander was struck on the heels with a rubber bat, and he is now pissing blood. There were also threats of assault on his close ones and our entire team," 'Izhevsky Venik' posted.

Journalists informed '7x7' that Alexander sought help from the police and medical professionals but did not receive assistance. Following this, he ceased communication with his colleagues.'Izhevsky Venik' team members discontinued their activities in Russia, relocating to 'a safer place' urgently.

UPD: On the evening of February 2, a video surfaced online featuring Alexander Skvortsov claiming to be an ironworker with no connection to journalism. In the recording, the man asserts that his absence for two days was due to a party with friends. Allegedly, he plans to file a lawsuit for misinformation. Skvortsov's colleagues responded, stating that they "understand [his motivation] and will seek justice".

'Izhevsky Venik' is a Telegram channel covering city issues, including residents' discontent with the conversion of three local shopping malls for drone production. According to the 'Udmurt Republic Against Corruption' project, all three production sites belong to Alexander Zakharov, co-owner and head engineer at the Zala Aero company, which manufactures Lancet drones. Activists have called for sanctions against Zakharov and his family, who own real estate abroad.


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