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  2. Ex-leader of Navalny’s headquarters* in Tomsk gets 9 years in prison

Ex-leader of Navalny’s headquarters* in Tomsk gets 9 years in prison

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Ksenia Fadeeva, the former head of Alexey Navalny's* headquarters in Tomsk, has been sentenced to nine years in prison for her involvement in an 'extremist community,' as reported by 'Mediazona' on December 29.

Judge Dmitriy Khudyakov found Ksenia Fadeeva guilty of organizing an extremist community and establishing an organization that violated citizens' rights (Articles 282.1 and 293 of the Russian Criminal Code). In addition to the nine-year prison term, the court imposed a fine of 500,000 rubles on the Tomsk City Council deputy.

The prosecution had initially sought a 9.5-year sentence for Fadeeva.

Throughout the trial, Alexey Navalny's supporter and her lawyers raised concerns about court pressure. Notably, Judge Khudyakov allowed only four days for Fadeeva's defense to question witnesses, while the prosecution had four months to present its evidence.

In the final days of the trial, hearings extended from 10 AM to 9 PM. Fadeeva's legal team faced difficulties communicating with their client without witnesses. Fadeeva herself was deprived of proper meals and rest.

Following the verdict, a Tomsk resident staged a picket with a sign declaring 'Ksenia Fadeeva is Tomsk's pride. Judge Dmitry Khudyakov is Tomsk's disgrace.'

Ksenia Fadeeva was arrested in spring 2021, accused by law enforcement of forming an extremist community and creating an organization violating citizens' rights.

On the day of Fadeeva's apartment search, security forces visited Navalny's headquarters* coordinators in other cities. The head of the Irkutsk office, Zakhar Sarapulov, eventually received a one-year suspended sentence, while the Ufa-based coordinator Liliya Chanysheva was given a 7.5-year prison term. 

*The text mentions Navalny’s Headquarters, an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation


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