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  2. Designer from Yakutia cannot find a lawyer to confront her abusive ex-husband in court. His mother is a federal judge

Designer from Yakutia cannot find a lawyer to confront her abusive ex-husband in court. His mother is a federal judge

Yakutia resident Liliana Ermolaeva is searching for a lawyer to represent her in court against her ex-husband, whom she accuses of domestic violence. The woman states that he used to physically assault her and that his mother, a federal judge, threatened her. Ermolaeva shared this information with 7x7 on December 4.

Liliana Ermolaeva, a designer, plans to file a lawsuit against her ex-husband due to instances of domestic violence. However, lawyers in Yakutia are advising her to reconsider "confronting such an influential family." According to Liliana, her mother-in-law is a federal judge, her sister-in-law is a lawyer who is married to a bailiff, and her ex-husband also has connections in law enforcement. Due to possible pressure, Liliana is reluctant to disclose her ex-husband's last name and is actively seeking a lawyer from another region.

Liliana recounts that the first instance of aggression from her husband dates back to 2016. At that time, she was devoting significant attention to her newborn daughter, and this seemingly led her husband to throw a clay pot at them, its shards touching the child. He begged for forgiveness on his knees, and Liliana accepted his apologies.

However, subsequent conflicts escalated. Liliana asserts that her ex-husband was unfaithful, choked her, and physically abused her during her second pregnancy. After their arguments, the man would apologize and "swear that he would change and that everything would be alright." The police were involved, but they "issued only warnings," treating the matter informally and speaking to her husband "as brother to brother." Liliana also withdrew her statements under pressure from her ex-husband's relatives.

The designer reveals that when she decided to end the relationship, her ex-husband threatened her with murder or suicide. This compelled Liliana to create a will anticipating such scenarios. The couple separated a year ago, and the ex-husband took possession of jointly acquired property.

"She [the ex-husband's mother] is an operating judge. She made threats towards me, called my mother, and intimidated her, suggesting that she could have me confined to a narcological clinic or a mental asylum. She threatened to find a way to prove that I am mentally unstable and take away my children," Liliana disclosed to 7x7.

In November 2023, a group of Yakutia residents established a community aimed at assisting victims of domestic violence. The movement, named "Ty ne odna. Yakutia" ("You are not alone. Yakutia"), gained momentum quickly, attracting the participation of 12 lawyers and psychologists within two days of its inception. Over 100 individuals expressed their intention to volunteer. To date, ten people have reached out to the organization seeking assistance.

The community is dedicated to the memory of Nadezhda Ammosova, a 26-year-old woman who endured a five-hour assault by her boyfriend, Artur, resulting in her tragic death. According to a relative of the deceased woman, the perpetrator had a criminal record, and his social media avatar featured a symbol associated with a private military company (P.M.C.).


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