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  2. Movement for the return of drafted soldiers calls on Russians to sign a petition for demobilization

Movement for the return of drafted soldiers calls on Russians to sign a petition for demobilization

The “Put’ Domoy” (“The Way Home”) movement is urging Russians to sign a petition advocating for the demobilization of conscripted recruits from the war. This call was made through the movement's Telegram channel on November 27.

The authors of the letter expressed that Putin's promises “turned out to mean nothing," and the mobilization was a “terrible mistake.” Representatives of the channel believe that “state turned away from those who were the first to respond to its call for help.”

 “We've been f*cked over, and so will you. [...] We've been punished for our law-abidingness. To maintain the facade of stability for the masses, our men spill their blood, and we pay with our tears and health," wrote the post authors.

The movement members highlighted that against the backdrop of war and mobilization, Vladimir Putin declared 2024 as “the year of the family.” Meanwhile, drafted recruits have been at war for over 14 months, whereas individuals previously convicted for murder and cannibalism were released after only half a year of service.

“They have already given the Motherland so much that it can never be repaid. [...] We offer the Russian world, but what has it turned out to be? It seems we have taken a wrong path. The question is: do we still have a chance to turn back?”, states the appeal. 

The new movement advocating for the return of mobilized individuals emerged in September with the creation of the Telegram channel “Put’ Domoy.” The identities of its leaders and regional counterparts remain unknown.

On November 19, the wives of drafted recruits planned rallies for the return of soldiers from the front lines in various regions, but the authorities did not issue permits. In Novosibirsk, officials held a closed meeting with the relatives of the military instead.

During the past week, the Telegram channels “Vernem Rebiat” (“Let’s Bring Our Blocks Back”) and “Put’ Domoy Kaliningrad” (“The Way Home Kaliningrad”) ceased updates as their coordinators learned about the deaths of their relatives in the war.


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