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  2. Kremlin advises regions to settle conflicts with relatives of mobilized soldiers using money

Kremlin advises regions to settle conflicts with relatives of mobilized soldiers using money

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Regional officials received a directive from the Kremlin, urging the prompt transfer of payments to the families of drafted recruits and the implementation of additional support measures. The discontent among the relatives of mobilized soldiers has emerged as a pivotal concern in anticipation of the Russian presidential elections in 2024. Verstka Media reported on this development on November 21, citing insider sources within the authorities.

The Kremlin advised regional authorities to make payouts to families “as fully and quickly as possible, cutting through red tape.” The dissatisfaction of the relatives of mobilized individuals is considered one of the most important issues in light of the upcoming presidential elections.

According to a source from Verstka Media, the Kremlin suggested three responses to the protests of the drafted recruits' wives. If the problem persists, officials are advised to either “pay everyone as much as possible” or make a commitment to investigate the matter, possibly by writing to the Ministry of Defense. Authorities also recommended “involving specialized support funds in the dance around the mobilized.” The wives’ requests should be categorized based on whether the applicant is waiting for her husband, demanding money, or simply wants to be heard. However, another source in the regional administration noted that transferring payments is “not always possible” due to various reasons.

In November, according to Verstka, leaders of the Kremlin's political block convened heads of regional election commissions and officials responsible for domestic policy at a seminar in the Moscow region. They were directed to conduct elections “as modestly and quietly as possible” to ensure “no doubts” about the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin's victory.

Since October 2023, women have become more active in demanding the return of their mobilized husbands. The relatives of drafted recruits, who gather on the Telegram channel “Put’ Domoy” (“The Way Home”), announced a series of pickets on November 19 and released a manifesto against mobilization as “legalized slavery”. Authorities did not allow rallies and held meetings with dissatisfied women, which were closed to the media.


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