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Six opposition Telegram channels were blocked in Bashkortostan

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Six opposition Telegram channels from Bashorkostan were removed at once due to mass complaints. The media could have been hacked by intelligence agencies. Representatives of the Free Idel-Ural movement made this assumption on November 10, as their Telegram channel was also targeted by bots.

On November 10, it was discovered that six Telegram channels from the Republic of Bashkortostan were blocked. Two of them were run by the oppositionist Ruslan Gabbasov, who also contacted the administrators of other channels. Telegram support informed them that the channels had been blocked due to numerous complaints. 

According to Gabbasov, he came across a post on the blocking in a pro-government channel of the republic. The post stated that the removed media carried out 'anti-Russian' activities and shaped a 'pro-Ukrainian' agenda. The activist confirmed that he called for the liberation of the people of Bashkortostan and the collapse of Russia but asserted that he never supported riots or murder.

Gabbasov believes that “the Russian authorities found an efficient way of blocking any undesirable Telegram channel”. The activist presumed that for that purpose they create bots that select a specific channel and “massively bombard it with complaints”. 

“One week ago, they blocked large-scale Telegram channels of Dagestan. Now, they have come for the Barkoshtostan opposition channels. <...> I hope that the Telegram creator Pavel Durov will note this growing trend and the fact that the Russian authorities have found such a way around”, Gabbasov said

At a meeting on November 8, the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov called the work of an “identified” chain of Telegram channels “destructive”. In his opinion, the channels tried to shape “radical views among residents, inclining them towards extremist and terrorist activities.” The authorities had to prevent “any provocations”. Khabirov did not name the media that he was referring to. 

On October 30, Pavel Durov announced that Telegram would be blocking channels that incite violence. Durov’s post was accompanied by a screenshot of a publication in the “Utro Dagestan” (“Morning Dagestan”) channel, which affirmed that Jews “will not be allowed to live peacefully in the Caucasus.” The app’s creator’s statement followed the anti-Israeli disturbances that took place at Makhachkala airport on October 28. 


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