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Vladimir residents who called their son Putin decided to change the child's name

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Parents in the Vladimir region who in 2016 renamed their son Putin have decided to change the boy’s name again. The couple expressed their remorse, as reported by the Novy Gorod Aleksandrov publication on May 15. Although the news was later deleted, the video with the story remains on a televised program.

In 2016, the Dzhuraev family from the village of Legkovo decided to name their son Putin. The idea came from the boy's grandfather, an ardent admirer of Vladimir Putin. Over the course of a decade, he had collected souvenirs featuring the president's image and even established a personal museum within his home. Interestingly, the boy's cousin was named Shoigu [after the Russian Minister of Defence].

However, in 2023, Ekaterina Belous, the head of the local registry office, shared that the parents were experiencing regret and desired to revert their child's name back to its original given name. Belous refrained from disclosing the specific reason behind this decision.

Once the independent media picked up on this news, it was swiftly removed from the publication's website. Nevertheless, Belous's account remains featured on a televised program.

In 2021, a Swedish family attempted to register the name Putin for their newborn child with the tax agency. However, RBC, referring to Sveriges Radio, reported that the agency declined the name registration without providing an explanation.


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