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Memorial to Polish and Lithuanian exiles destroyed in Irkutsk region

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On May 12, the Taiga publication reported that a memorial dedicated to Polish and Lithuanian exiles in the Irkutsk region had been vandalized by unidentified individuals.


Photo of the Irkutsk regional government website

In the town of Pivovarikha, a Polish monument and a Lithuanian cross were erected on the site of mass graves to commemorate those who were repressed. According to Oksana Trufanova, a human rights activist and author of "The Great Terror" study, the memorial "blocked the path of officials," and it is unknown who made the decision to demolish it.

The monument and cross were installed with donations and supervised by the government's service for the protection of cultural heritage in the Irkutsk region.

In April 2023, the memorial to exiled Poles and Lithuanians in the Kudymkar district of Perm Krai disappeared. The monument, which was erected in 2016 with contributions from the families of former Polish and Lithuanian deportees, was discovered missing by local residents who came to clean the local cemetery.

“Memorial” organization representatives appealed to the residents of the region, the authorities, and the descendants of the repressed, apologizing to the families of the Lithuanian and Polish exiles for the loss of the monument. The activists called the incident a blatant violation of the law on the rehabilitation of victims of political repression and the state's concept of preserving their memory. Robert Latypov, head of the local “Memorial,” suggested that after the monument's demolition, all such sites in Russia are now under threat.




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