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  2. A conscript from the Komi Republic committed suicide after being abused for refusing to go to Ukraine

A conscript from the Komi Republic committed suicide after being abused for refusing to go to Ukraine

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A conscript from the Komi Republic committed suicide in a military unit in the Moscow Region. In his suicide note, he claimed he had been abused for refusing to go to Ukraine. The soldier's relatives told the 7x7 media about this on February 14. 

Sergei Gridin, a resident of Pechora, died on February 10 at the age of 21. His sister wrote on social media that her brother "will never come back from the army.” He had always supported others, but this time he needed support for himself. "What has worn you down so much that you took such a step?" the sister wonders.

In his suicide note, (the 7x7 media has a copy of it) Gridin says that a day before he was assigned for a tour in Ukraine, from where not a single soldier from his company had come back. According to the text, he had asked the platoon commander not to send him there. After that, he had been constantly abused. The note states that he cannot tell about all the "bullying" that "these animals” did. But he hopes they will end up in jail for driving a man to suicide.

"I’ve made a decision to die here, in my native land, without other people's blood on my hands," the letter says.

According to the "MOBILIZATION I News I What to do?" telegram channel, Sergei Gridin served in the Moscow region. The commanders took the note away, but not before his fellow soldiers photographed it. The note is not present in the materials of the inspection.

The 7x7 media got in touch with two of Gridin's close relatives. Both confirmed that the handwriting was similar to his. The reason for the suicide was not explained to them and the note was never mentioned. His body had bruises that were not indicated in the death certificate.

“After the New Year, he called us and said they wanted to send him to Ukraine. But then he said it was a joke. And as we now understand, it may not have been a joke,” Gridin's sister says.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there have been several suicides by professional military and conscripts. On October 1, a 46-year-old conscript from Kurgan was found dead in a unit near Yekaterinburg with cuts on his neck. On October 28, a draftee from Tyumen allegedly committed suicide in a training camp near Tyumen. On November 16, colonel Vadim Boiko shot himself in his office at the Pacific Higher Naval School.



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