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  2. Karelian police accuse a pensioner of discrediting the army because of her putting up anti-war leaflets

Karelian police accuse a pensioner of discrediting the army because of her putting up anti-war leaflets

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The police drew up a protocol on the article on discrediting the military against 77-year-old pensioner Tatyana Savinkina from Petrozavodsk. She put up leaflets against the special operation in Ukraine in her building’s entrance. The homeowner association’s chairman reported her to the police. The Idel.Realii* Media Outlet reported that.

In Karelia, the police accused pensioner Tatyana Savinkina of discrediting the Russian army because she had put up anti-war leaflets mentioning Vladimir Putin in her building’s entrance. Savinkina put up the leaflets after one of the conversations with her husband, who lives in Ukraine. Tamara Svitich, the homeowner association’s chairman, reported the woman to the police because tenants were displeased.

"I felt so ashamed for my fellow citizens, for their silence, for their unwillingness to think. How can one justify this [special operation]? People are suffering. I was so outraged that they could not hear me. I have seen lots of such denouncements, like the one the homeowner association’s chairman filed for my leaflet," she said.

Savinkina continues putting up leaflets around the city: on buses, at bus stops, on poles. According to her, people react to appeals more calmly and "rush with cries about the motherland" less often than before. At the same time, Savinkina served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for almost 30 years, and then worked in the department of political rehabilitation and helped the Memorial* Human Rights Organization.

There was a similar situation in Penza Oblast. English teacher Irina Gen was reported. She spoke out against the special operation during her class. The students recorded her speech and complained to the police. A criminal case on fakes about the army was opened against the teacher.


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