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  2. Moscow residents protested against transportation of the Moscow garbage to other regions

Moscow residents protested against transportation of the Moscow garbage to other regions

On December 9, about 100 residents of Lyubertsy (Moscow region) took part in a rally against the construction of a loading station for sorting household waste and further exporting Moscow garbage to other regions, including the construction site at Shies station in the Arkhangelsk region. Videos and photos of the protest action were published in the “Conscience of Nekrasovka” group on VKontakte.



The rally in Lyubertsy was devoted to the environmental problems of Moscow and Moscow region. Many participants talked about garbage transportation to other regions, and how this will affect the life of their city, where they plan to build a so-called loading and unloading cluster, through which all waste traffic will pass. Moscow region activists believe that local officials are not effectively implementing the system of separate collection of waste and insufficiently restrict the production of plastic goods. According to the audience, the authorities took the path of least resistance: they offered to transport the garbage to other regions.

The rally’s resolution included demands to revise the points of the “Clean Country” waste recycling program, close the old waste incineration plants, ensure public access to emission data in Moscow and the Moscow Region, and abandon the idea of ​​building a loading and unloading station in Lyubertsy.


Photo of "Conscience of Nekrasovka"

The landfill for municipal solid waste from Moscow with an area of ​​five thousand hectares is being built near the Shies station in the Lensky district of the Arkhangelsk region. The project of the Moscow company Technopark provides for round-the-clock acceptance and unloading of 55 to 90 cars with garbage, up to five trains a day. Residents of Urdoma, Yarensk, Koryazhma and other cities and villages of the Arkhangelsk region are protesting against these plans.

The residents of Syktyvkar also opposed the construction of the landfill in Shies. On December 2, 2018, activists of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi Republic held a united day of protest against the landfill. The rally participants in Arkhangelsk demanded the resignation of the regional governor. State Duma deputy from Komi Olga Savastyanova criticized the idea of ​​transportation of the Moscow garbage to other regions. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Olga Yepifanova said that the Komi authorities are ready to accept waste, but on their own terms.

More than 100 independent municipal deputies of Moscow signed an open letter in which they protested against the plans of the government of the capital to take out garbage to other regions, Kommersant reported. They called this practice "immoral and politically irresponsible." The letter was signed by the heads of municipal districts Ilya Yashin, Andrei Morev, deputies Yuli Galyamin and Elena Rusakova.

Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


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