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  2. Third participant of the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov was fined in Chuvashia

Third participant of the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov was fined in Chuvashia

On March 15, the correspondent of «7x7» was informed by the coordinator of the youth movement Semyon Kochkin that the commission on affairs of minors at administration of Cheboksary has appointed penalty to the tenth-grader who participated in the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov together with activists of youth movement 'Vesna'.

A student of the Cheboksary school No. 7 was fined 20,000 rubles. for taking part in an uncoordinated action on the bridge in Cheboksary on February 25, on the eve of the day of memory of the murdered politician Boris Nemtsov. Chuvash human rights defender Aleksey Glukhov told a «7x7» correspondent that during conversation with the activist on February 28 law enforcement officers promised the young man that if he repented of his actions, he would come of with a warning. According to the human rights defender, the young activist repented, but he was still fined.

Fines of 20 and 10 thousand rubles were imposed on the activists of the Chuvash branch of 'Vesna' Anastasia Vasilieva and Andrei Fedorov, for an action of Boris Nemtsov's memory on February 25, when young people hung out a poster on the bridge in Cheboksary. Activists said in court that the action with the poster was for the photo and lasted no more than a minute, so it could not be considered incoordinate public event. Activists filed an appeal against the decisions of the Leninsky district court.

The Chuvash branches of 'Open Russia' and 'Vesna' held the shortest picket on March 7 against the persecution of their activists. The action lasted a minute.


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