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  2. Anti-fascists held a series of one-person pickets in Syktyvkar

Anti-fascists held a series of one-person pickets in Syktyvkar

A series of one-person pickets organized by civic activists and anti-fascists was held today in front of the "Torgovy Dvor" trading house. One by one the picketers unfolded posters which called passersby for thinking about the problems of xenophobia and nationalism.

Photo by Maxim Polyakov

“Today, November 9, is the International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. It is a reminder of Kristallnacht (the Night of Broken Glass; the day of a series of coordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany — «7x7») which took place on the night of the 9/10th of November, 1938. Today we came to the "Torgovy Dvor" building to hold pickets. The office of "Rubezh Severa" is located here, that’s why we have chosen this building. There is also a great passability, so we can bring our ideas to a lot of people”, said Darya Chernysheva, a civic activist.

The organizer of the picket explained that the purpose of the act is to show the parallel between distant events and the current situation, when the state pursues a policy of the society, ethnic, social and religious groups division; it provokes intolerance. According to other civic activists, nationalism should be prohibited in politics. The ideas come from the perspective of only one nation, one state, one leader for everyone. Thus it’s not surprising that nationalist sentiments appear in our society.

Daria Chernysheva led off a series of one-person pickets. She stood near the entryway of the "Torgovy Dvor" with a poster: "Illegal people do not exist". She explained that she wanted to attract the attention of passersby to the issue of illegal immigrants which considered to be our enemies.

A policeman came and asked for her personal data information as soon as she began the action.

After while some girls came to that place. They repeatedly were seen among the "Rubezh Severa"  activists. Those girls tried to take a photo of Daria Chernysheva, but the scheduled time of the picket was up, and Daria put away the poster.

A few minutes later Marina Sedova started one-person picket in another place. A policeman also came up to ask for her personal data. Soon the leader of "Rubezh Severa" Alexey Kolegov with several associates appeared. He suggested Marina to have a talk.

After these words of Kolegov policeman decided that the situation was heating up, and asked Marina Sedova to step aside. The leader of "Rubezh Severa" started to video and loudly sort thing out with the officer.

Later, Daria Torlopova held her picket. When she unfolded a poster, an unidentified man threw a pack of yogurt at her.

Photo by Alevtina Paroeva, "Krasnoe Znamya"

“He ran out of nowhere and threw a pack of yogurt. Policemen were not there at the time, so the man fled.” Daria Torlopova explained. “It was par to the course, because we used to such things (formerly nationalists poured ketchup on the KHRC “Memorial” members -«7x7»). It is a provocation. Maybe they are trying to put those who don’t share their views in a temper; they want a backlash.”

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/34042?r=komi

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