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Supreme Court of Komi decided to reply to my post

Игорь Сажин
Игорь Сажин
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May 8, the Supreme Court of Komi wrote a response on its website to my post about abnormal, from my point of view, practice of total document checks at the entrance to the Supreme Court of Komi and practice of pretty petty searches of visitors, which gives nothing for safety.

What was most surprising for me was that someone, without signing, exposes material on the official website of the Supreme Court that is not even of a legal nature, but rather has the nature of journalistic note, with references to the court in Turkey. Whereupon apparently nobody thought about the reputation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Komi.

I had somehow managed to get acquainted with the rules of behavior of visitors in different courts of the Republic of Komi. I remember that a selective screening of visitors and random inspection of documents (by the way, it is an established practice of documents check in public places all over the world) are emphasized in these documents. The fact is that a total verification of documents of court visitors is, first, an ineffective measure, as a man who decided to do something bad wouldn’t go to a court without documents. And where does this check get us? It’s obvious that when a person comes with a paper that means that he is a party in the proceedings. But when a person comes to the court out of curiosity, as a visitor — what is verification of a document for? Or is it written in passport about what the man is thinking at that moment?

To check myself I read a document on codes of conduct of court’s visitors here on the site. There was nothing about total checking of all visitors in the rules.

Realizing that we need to sort out here, I wrote a request today through the website of the Supreme Court to acquaint me with the document that regulates the entrance to the building of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Komi. I haven’t found such a document on the site of the Supreme Court. We’ll be looking forward to a response.

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/42050

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