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Social fallout, "extraordinary extra turns" of city administration

Павел Сафронов
Павел Сафронов
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The only reason for existence of the government official is to serve people, to serve the interests of every citizen and society as a whole.


It’s obvious for some people, but someone will laugh aloud about this. Administration officials of Syktyvkar will laugh. Laugh not only about the holy simplicity and naivete of a phrase. Laugh about human’s grief and suffering. They will provoke tragedy and laugh about it. Do you think that I pile on the agony and say it for the sake of a witty remark? No, indeed.


It took some time for me to settle down to write this post, I needed to calm down and write without undue emotion. Now I will tell about the situation concerning me and hundreds of other citizens.


With the growth of the legal culture the citizens started to actively use their rights. Government reacts strange: it changes laws, sabotages their execution, puts pressure on people. As the case may be. Approximately one and a half year ago, the people of Syktyvkar living in shabby houses decided not to listen to the officials’ babbling about the imminent relocation (they promised to relocate us adamantly in four years — in 2002, they said, we will live comfortable) and to achieve better living conditions in proceedings. There were series of them.


City government reacted as before — indifferently. Representatives didn’t attend the hearings. For what? Queues for housing last for decades, let it be so. But the citizens went on — they filed application for exchanging the future apartment to monetary value at market. And the government realized that it got financially screwed. It had to find the way out.


I can’t say for sure, I wasn’t there. But they say that the top administration officials have launched all available resources to solve the problem. How do they solve it in a normal state? City would take credit for the construction of 4-5 apartment houses to relocate people from shabby houses. How does the team of  Pozdeyev solve the problem? According to rumors, they began to meet with lawyers providing protection in these courts, talked to police officers, to the courts. They had to do everything for the court decisions not to be changed and people continue to stand in line and don’t receive compensation. Roman Koidan, dealing with these matters from the very beginning, told me that everything used to be ok with processes. In autumn, the situation has changed dramatically. Surprisingly, the courts suddenly began to deny citizens.



My hearing was scheduled for 9:20. Until I had a meeting at 9 am and after there was one at 9:40. City Court Registry allowed 20 minutes for these kind of processes. Is it possible at least to print the solution in the meantime? Is it possible to listen to the parties and to adjudicate on a matter?


A young woman and a man in fifties came out the courtroom into the corridor. Neat and confused a little they sat down to wait for the decision. Two lawyers of administration sat on a nearby bench: man with a gold ring inlaid with black stone and a woman in a fur coat. Their mood was upbeat, which is not typical for low-skilled lawyers in court, where they are usually sad. After 3 minutes, they were called into the courtroom for the calling of the case. Two couples came out, a girl (plaintiff) sat on the bench and stared into vacancy. "How come?" Man was standing nearby and was black as thunder. It was obvious that he can’t support the girl. "I will burn them. All this administration," she said through her tears and walked briskly to the exit. The man followed her. Lawyers burst out laughing. When I removed the phone there was only a contented smile on their faces. Have a look.


"I will burn them" — a phrase uttered not by a revolutionary, not marginal, not radical oppositionist. Just a girl who reached a tipping point. It made ​​a strong impression on me.


Roman Koidan came to the court to help me and my mom. He articulated our position. We are waiting for our "extraordinary turn" (the term itself is a scoff at people) for about 55 min. In fact the administration does nothing to solve the problem. Out of turn, apparently in “an extraordinary extra turn”, go the disabled and orphans. They are given, strange to say, 40 apartments per year. Officials shelter themselves behind these 40 apartments. Like, wait, 10 years and your turn will come. But these 40 apartments are irrelevant to a queue position of our family. So the administration is inactive and the court had to exchange an apartment to monetary value by virtue of law. But it didn’t happen. My mother has been standing in line of the teaching staff since 1987. 26 years already. And it has no bounds. There was the question on the faces of administration lawyers: "Well, why did you come here? Why did you decide that we owe you something?"


After us (in 20 minutes) the other tenants of shabby house appeared before the court. They’ve shown photos of holes with rats in the floor, curved ceilings and walls. The court rejected them; accounted that they also have to wait until the city will give them housing.


There are about 600 of such families. Each family consists of 2-3 people, i.e. 1,500 people at least once but formulated willingness to burn the city administration. Of course, we shouldn’t burn anything. It won’t solve the problem.

But only imagine — 1500 people. There was almost the same number at the largest rally in modern Syktyvkar history.


That's what I'm going to do next. We appeal against the City Court's decision in the Supreme Court of Komi. If we lose, I will not stand for such a scorn of my family, my mother in particular. As the cases are merged into one, I have access to all addresses of hundreds of plaintiffs. I won’t regret a week of my working time to call them all to the general muster in the administration hall, and we won’t leave until we get a clear answer and the immediate resignation of the head of administration.


I hate to do it, I'm tired of this, I need a break. I want to manage my business, urban projects, start-ups; I want to fly to the seaside till the end of winter. But there could come a point when I will have no choice. I won’t have time for vacation. If I win a suit, I will be glad not to leadership people to Occupy and attract the attention of federal authorities. President is on my side by the way — http://top.rbc.ru/society/23/12/2013/896398.shtml




Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/35567?r=komi 

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