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  2. «Nature and Youth» held an environmental discussion with secondary school students on «Environmental portrait of the Murmansk region»

«Nature and Youth» held an environmental discussion with secondary school students on «Environmental portrait of the Murmansk region»

Дарья Матвеенкова
Дарья Матвеенкова
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«Nature and Youth» held an environmental discussion with students of the 7-9th form concerning «Environmental portrait of the Murmansk region». The meeting took place in the Intellect center, which is based on the 5th branch of the central city library (40/3 Chumbarova-Luchinskogo str.).

Children hang on every word about the peculiarities of the climate and nature of the Murmansk region, the developments in the environmental protection and also about the problems remain to be solved. The audience took an active part in discussing the nuclear and renewable power generation problem; proposed a sharing of windmill in detached houses and to develop natural reserves’ activity. The students also endorsed the idea of the range for solid-waste recycling establishment.


In the framework of this event «Nature and Youth» announced an art competition — a freeform creative work: drawing, writing, art installation on topic «Environmental portrait of the Murmansk region in the future. How can we describe it?».


“What is my vision of the nature of my native land in the future? What role will people of Murmansk play in solving environmental problems of the region? What should be done to make our area cleaner and more beautiful? What definitely shouldn’t be done to preserve the fragile and vulnerable nature of the Arctic? The school №45 students will try to answer all these questions in their works, and we in our turn will give them eco gifts as a reward!” activist of the organization «Nature and Youth» Matveenkova Daria said.


You can find students’ works on our site.




Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/34565?r=murmansk

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