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No need for a second wave of mobilization, Putin says

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There is no need to conduct a second wave of mobilization, stated Vladimir Putin during a live Q&A session on December 14.

“Recruits mobilized during the first wave are fighting exceptionally well, and there is no need for a new draft," claimed Vladimir Putin

“We initiated a broad campaign to attract volunteers and anticipated reaching a little over 400 thousand by the year's end. As of yesterday, 486 thousand individuals have been drafted. There is a steady influx of people willing to defend the interests of their homeland with weapons in hand, amounting to 1,500 new recruits each day," he added.

Vladimir Putin reported that currently, there are 244 thousand mobilized individuals in the war zone. Another 41 thousand have been dismissed either due to health conditions or reaching the age limit.

Since September, the wives of mobilized recruits have been demanding army rotations from the authorities. They established a Telegram channel called 'Put’ Domoy' ('The Way Home'), where they posted a manifesto urging the replacement of their relatives on the front lines with other individuals.

Women have been actively sending questions to the president's Q&A session, 'The Direct Line,' inquiring about the start of the rotation for mobilized individuals. However, Vladimir Putin did not tackle this issue.


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