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  2. Funds intended for New Year fireworks in Sochi will be redirected for military needs

Funds intended for New Year fireworks in Sochi will be redirected for military needs

Money originally designated for organizing New Year fireworks in Sochi will now be rerouted to support the military in Ukraine, as announced by Mayor Aleksei Kopaygorodskiy on December 6. The official revealed that the city's decorations will adopt a theme centered around “family values.”

Having abandoned plans for New Year and Christmas fireworks, Mayor Aleksei Kopaygorodskiy intends to channel the saved funds towards frontline support. He has called on hotels, restaurants, and ordinary citizens to follow suit in redirecting their resources. A coordinating council will oversee the efficient allocation of the saved funds to the forefront.

New Year decorations in Sochi will have a patriotic theme, with a focus on “strengthening family values," said Kopaygorodskiy. However, the mayor did not provide any further explanations.

In May, Sochi witnessed a scandal concerning Victory Day decorations. Two hotels in Krasnaya Polyana refused to display thematic ornaments, stating a preference for “neutrality.” Following a denunciation by Deputy Alexander Khinstein, Mayor Kopaygorodskiy formed a special group to assess the patriotic contributions of various establishments during celebrations.


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