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  2. Z-channel calls news about 35 military defectors in Voronezh fake

Z-channel calls news about 35 military defectors in Voronezh fake

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The "War on Fakes" Telegram channel denies that 35 military defectors are being held in custody in Voronezh. The ASTRA Telegram channel reported the news about servicemen refusing to go to the frontlines on October 24th.

According to the ASTRA Telegram channel, around 150 defectors were initially held in a basement in Zaytsevo, Luhansk, before being moved to the Kursk region and later transported to Voronezh. These men were isolated from their relatives and lawyers and threatened with deployment to the combat zone near Avdiivka.

On October 25th, the group was moved from Voronezh to Rostov. However, according to ASTRA, 35 people refused to board the plane, while three others managed to escape. These facts were told to journalists by a relative of a military serviceman from military unit 94018.

The "War on Fakes. Voronezh" channel claims that the reports from ASTRA are false. This claim is based on certain elements of the video, such as "lush, leafy trees," the absence of street sounds, and the soldiers’ summer uniforms.

Talking to 7x7, a sister of one of the unit 94018 servicemen said that she believes in the possibility of a mutiny. Recently, her brother was wounded and his friend was killed in an attack. 

"It's not surprising that they refuse to serve in this unit. They send them on combat missions in groups of 50-60, but only two, three, or five return. And they are told before going on a combat mission that they are like cannon fodder. They go in an attack almost every day," the sister of the serviceman said.

The "War on Fakes" channel was launched on February 23, 2022, just a day before the war in Ukraine began. The project is known for its questionable fact-checking and pro-Kremlin position. A year ago, the Voronezh governor’s press service asked journalists not to confuse the "War on Fakes" posts with the government’s official position.


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