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  2. Military with combat experience in Ukraine to be granted free land plots in 49 regions of Russia and Crimea

Military with combat experience in Ukraine to be granted free land plots in 49 regions of Russia and Crimea

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49 Russian regions and Crimea have decided to grant free land plots to veterans of the war in Ukraine. In some regions, lots will be available upon request, while in others veterans will be included on a waiting list together with large families and the disabled. The initiative aims at recruiting more men to contract service. This was reported by the "Verstka" publication on September 13.

In 49 Russian regions and Crimea, participants of the war in Ukraine will be eligible to receive free land plots. According to "Verstka," in five regions and Crimea, the authorities have already prepared 4.2 thousand plots for distribution. These plots could be used for building a house, running a subsidiary farming, or gardening. The initiative intends to attract more men to serve under the contract.

In most of the regions, contract servicemen, volunteers, and decorated Rosgvardia officers, as well as relatives of fallen military personnel will be eligible for free lots. In the Kostroma region and Khakassia, plots will be available to all war veterans. The same in Crimea, where Wagner mercenaries also can apply for free land.

The plots will be provided from the Ministry of Defense resources and regional reserves. If nothing is available, the military will be paid monetary compensation. For example, the Voronezh region will pay 200 thousand rubles ($2,066), and Yamal 1 million rubles ($10,330.)

In 11 regions, the military will receive land upon request. In the Kursk region, the Komi Republic, and Crimea, they will be placed on a waiting list together with large families and disabled persons.

The publication indicates that some plots are located on undeveloped terrain. In Crimea, some lands are in barren areas with no growth, no water supply, or sewage system. In Kamchatka, it is a wasteland between two villages. In the Kostroma region, where the locals have neither a sewage system nor water supply, works are underway to bring utility communications to the military settlement.

Some people complained to "Verstka" that they were apprehensive of having servicemen as neighbors. For example, a Crimea man with plans to build a mini-hotel is worried about how successful his business might be with a military neighborhood next door.

The idea of providing veterans with free land was first proposed in September 2022 by the Ministry of Defense which suggested giving plots in the Moscow region and Crimea to decorated soldiers and officers.

In December 2022, Vladimir Putin signed a decree that included relatives of the military fallen in Ukraine to the land recipients. In June 2023, Putin instructed to issue free plots to servicemen who had "distinguished themselves" in Ukraine.


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