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  2. Territorial defense forces to be formed in Orel Region which does not border Ukraine 

Territorial defense forces to be formed in Orel Region which does not border Ukraine 

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Andrey Klychkov, the governor of the Orel region, has revealed plans to form territorial defense forces, though the region does not border foreign countries. This announcement was reported by RIA Novosti on July 12.

The Orel authorities have decided to "organize behind the frontline training facilities." Members of these detachments will learn basic medical and tactical skills, as well as how to handle weapons.

Governor Andrey Klychkov explained, "While we may not be a border region, we remain on high alert and are aware of the situations in neighboring regions such as Kursk, Bryansk, Belgorod, and Voronezh... We hope that it won't be necessary, but we must be ready for any eventuality."

Just two days prior to Klychkov's announcement, Mikhail Vedernikov, the governor of the Pskov region, declared the establishment of a territorial defense force named "Alexander Nevsky's Druzhina" in the region. This initiative aims to counter potential threats from NATO, as the alliance includes Estonia and Latvia, which share borders with the Pskov region.

Territorial defense detachments have already been formed in the Kursk, Belgorod, and Bryansk regions. Their members are responsible for patrolling settlements, monitoring "concealed approaches to critical facilities," and preventing border violations from the Ukrainian side.

On July 10, Oleg Mantulin, the security advisor to the governor of the Belgorod region, announced the purchase of 400 firearms for the local territorial defense forces, which includes approximately 3,000 people.



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