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  2. Maternity hospital to be demolished in Izhevsk despite 37,000 signatures in favor of preserving it

Maternity hospital to be demolished in Izhevsk despite 37,000 signatures in favor of preserving it

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Despite the efforts of 37,000 Izhevsk residents who signed a petition to preserve a maternity hospital, it will still be demolished. The Head of the Republic, Alexander Brechalov, claimed to have received no petitions regarding the matter. He said this in an interview with Izhlife published on July 3.

The decision to close Maternity Hospital No. 2 in Izhevsk was made at the end of 2022 due to a decline in the birth rate and the deteriorating condition of the building. As the news spread, residents of Udmurtia filed a petition to the Ministry of Health. They pointed out that pregnant women would have to travel long distances for care. Patients would lie in hospital hallways because of the lack of space, and doctors would get an additional workload. 

To date, 37,600 individuals have signed the petition. However, in the July 3 interview, Alexander Brechalov stated that he had not received any complaints regarding Maternity Hospital No. 2.

The Udmurtia Without Corruption project pointed out that the maternity hospital underwent significant renovation just six years ago. Some residents speculate that the building has been set to be demolished to make way for a shopping mall, especially since the maternity hospital is located in an area with numerous new high-rise buildings.

In April, the Udmurtia Without Corruption project highlighted the demographic crisis in the republic caused by the closure of nearly all rural maternity hospitals. Over the past eight years, authorities in Udmurtia have closed maternity wards in 13 districts. Activists argue that the obstetric service in Udmurtia is systematically being dismantled, despite calls from propagandists to improve demographics, especially during wartime.


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