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  2. Conscripts came under fire in the Belgorod region. Casualties reported

Conscripts came under fire in the Belgorod region. Casualties reported

On June 1, a group of conscripts came under fire in the Belgorod region, near Borisovka town. According to a soldier who lost comrades in the attack, four individuals were killed and six sustained injuries. The soldier shared this information with the 7x7 media.

On June 1, near Borisovka, a rocket struck a car transporting soldiers to the bathhouse. Of the 10 individuals in the vehicle four were killed, while the rest sustained injuries. The details were shared with 7x7 by one of the fellow conscripts.

According to the soldier, a missile struck the car when it came from a forested area to the roadway. Initially, conscripts learned from their commanding officer about three dead and seven wounded. later, the driver passed away in the hospital. The soldier revealed that among the deceased was a conscript from Dagestan and another from Yekaterinburg.

As relayed to 7x7 by the soldier, they were stationed approximately 800 meters from the Ukraine border. The mother of one of the conscripts informed a 7x7 journalist that they had been deployed there from Yekaterinburg at the end of April. Their duties involved digging trenches and constructing dugouts, as the woman insisted. The young soldiers frequently faced enemy fire. In the nearby forest belt, which is considered a "no man's land," skirmishes between the armies have become also more frequent.

"The last time shots were fired at us was two days ago. The guys are mentally overwhelmed due to the constant news of injuries and such. I am at a loss as to how one can continue to stay here when the friends you had breakfast with are lost within an hour. Personally, I haven't heard anything reasonable from the commander, no attempts to provide reassurance, and no mention of our withdrawal from this location. As far as I know, in my brigade, where I come from, everyone is already aware of the situation, up to the battalion commander," the conscript said.

Reports of conscript casualties from the Yekaterinburg-based brigade were reported by the EAN, citing a military source. The publication claimed that an officer and two conscripts had lost their lives in an explosion while en route to the baths. There has been no official confirmation of these casualties from either the authorities or the Defense Ministry.

According to investigations by the 7x7 online journal, at least seven conscripts have been killed on the border since the onset of the war, excluding the incident on June 1. Unprepared young men were extensively deployed to the Belgorod region border starting in early September 2022, when the Ukrainian army was advancing toward Kharkiv. Soldiers dig trenches, seek refuge in dugouts during attacks, and suffer injuries.


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