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  2. Primorye branch of the Communist Party plans to boycott the gubernatorial election

Primorye branch of the Communist Party plans to boycott the gubernatorial election

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The communists of Primorye are planning to decline to nominate a candidate for the governor position in the September 2023 election. The party are being denied representation by most of the precinct election commissions. This was reported by Kommersant on May 30.

The Communists have made a decision to abstain from nominating a candidate for the position of Primorye governor in the upcoming September 2023 elections. This decision arises from the fact that the party members are facing widespread exclusion from precinct election commissions. In one of the districts, they have been denied access to 31 out of the 53 commissions.

The local communists suspect that the authorities are deliberately obstructing their presence as "unwanted overseers" in the voting and ballot counting processes. However, the regional election commission asserts that no complaints have been filed with them.

Despite this development, the federal leadership of the party maintains that their Primorye branch should still participate in the election.

Preparations for the Primorye Krai Governor elections, scheduled for September 2023, are already underway. The legislative assembly has made amendments to the electoral code, including the change in the required number of signatures from municipal representatives for a candidate's nomination, which has ben raised from 5 to 8 percent. The legislators have also abolished the option for self-nomination in gubernatorial elections.

Simultaneously, the Zemsky Congress has called upon opposition forces not to boycott Russia's September elections despite the growing repressive measures. The congress emphasized the importance of Russian citizens having “the opportunity to choose a peaceful and prosperous future” for their country, emphasizing the need for candidates to be present on the ballot.



* В материале упомянута организация Общественное объединение W.H.С., деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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