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  2. After a 7x7 story, a senator asked to report conscripts serving at the Russian-Ukrainian border 

After a 7x7 story, a senator asked to report conscripts serving at the Russian-Ukrainian border 

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Senator Vladimir Kozhin stated that he lacks any information regarding the presence of conscripts at the border with Ukraine. In response to a recently published article by 7x7 highlighting the deployment of conscripts along the Belgorod region border, he encouraged parents to reach out to him if they possess any evidence supporting such claims. These remarks were made during an interview with RTVI on May 24th.

Senator Vladimir Kozhin, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, clarified to reporters that no decisions were made regarding the deployment of conscripts to the Ukrainian border. He said that he lacks any facts supporting such claims.

The senator stated, "If any parents possess concrete evidence, I urge them to submit it to us, we will investigate. [They] verify [information] rather promptly." 

In 2020, Vladimir Kozhin described the Novichok poisoning of Alexei Navalny as something "resembling a plot from the realms of science fiction and conspiracy."

On May 24th, the 7x7 media published a story about conscripts serving on the border in the Belgorod region. They are involved in activities such as digging trenches, seeking shelter in dugouts to avoid attacks, and experiencing injuries. Our investigation unveiled that at least seven conscripts have lost their lives since the conflict's onset. Their relatives claimed that the young men were assigned duties unrelated to their training. According to their mothers, the conscripts are positioned in what they refer to as the "zero territory," merely 200-300 meters away from the border.



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