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  2. Provocateurs threatened protestors with rape during a picket for voluntary childlessness in Chelyabinsk

Provocateurs threatened protestors with rape during a picket for voluntary childlessness in Chelyabinsk

Photo from the Ural Feminist Initiative channel
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In an incident that unfolded during a picket advocating for voluntary childlessness in Chelyabinsk, provocateurs threatened participants with rape. Despite the police presence at the scene, no immediate intervention was made. These events were brought to light by the Urals Feminist Initiative channel on May 21.

Approximately 15 individuals gathered for a picket, which had been authorized by the authorities, to protest against the ban on the Childfree ideology in Chelyabinsk. Prior to the picket, several people arrived brandishing empty posters inscribed with "Photos of feminists if their parents were childfree." Young men wearing camouflage uniforms adorned with Z-stitches on their caps attempted to obstruct the protestors with Russian flags.

Other provocateurs reportedly incited violence against the activists, promising to commit acts of rape in the name of "promoting procreation." The activists also reported instances of verbal abuse and harassment directed towards them by one of the instigators. Despite the presence of armed police officers, no arrests were made.

This was not the first action taken by Urals feminists in support of voluntary childlessness. In early May, a participant in a picket against the childfree ban was detained by the police. The individual, a member of the Urals Feminist Initiative, had conducted a solitary picket carrying a poster proclaiming "Childfree is not a crime." She was subsequently released with a warning regarding the importance of abiding by the law.

The activists in Chelyabinsk strongly oppose the proposed legislation to ban the dissemination of childfree propaganda among minors. They argue that such a repressive law may pave the way for further restrictions, including bans on abortions in Russia and the introduction of taxes targeting childlessness or families with fewer children.



* В материале упомянута организация Общественное объединение W.H.С., деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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