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  2. Penza students were urged to "analyze their social circle" because of a terrorist attack threat

Penza students were urged to "analyze their social circle" because of a terrorist attack threat

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On May 11, Penza University released a statement on its website urging its students to "analyze their social circle" in light of a terrorist attack threat.

Vladimir Shimkin, the deputy rector responsible for security matters at Penza State University, informed students that the Federal Security Service of Russia had warned of a planned "sabotage and terrorist act" in the region. Allegedly, the conspirators are individuals aged between 15 and 21. 

Shimkin urged students to reflect on the behavior of those around them and consider whether anyone had recently become more withdrawn, secretive, or changed their interests or routines.

The university administration requested that students report any suspicious behavior to the staff, the rectorate, or other students. Shimkin emphasized that such reports could potentially "save many lives."

The outbreak of war in Ukraine has led to increased control in Russian universities over student and faculty activity. In March 2023, the Orenburg University website was added to the registry of information disseminators, with the FSB mandating the storage of user data and correspondence. The reasons for this requirement were not specified.

In April, Novgorod University implemented a code of ethics for its employees, prohibiting them from engaging in activities that criticize the president, discredit the army, or promote anti-Russian sentiment.



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