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  2. In Chelyabinsk, a feminist is assaulted during a picket by pouring glue on her head

In Chelyabinsk, a feminist is assaulted during a picket by pouring glue on her head

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In Chelyabinsk, a feminist picketing in a park was assaulted by passers-by. One of them poured glue on the activist's head. A video capturing the incident was published by the Telegram channel "31tv.ru" on May 4.

In Chelyabinsk, a young activist was picketing in a park with a sign that read, "Show your support or opposition towards feminism." She had a table with various items including eggs, milk, tomatoes, and glue, as well as a poster adorned with hearts. She invited the public to either express their support by placing a heart on the poster or use the products in an act of opposition.

Screenshot from the video of 31tv.ru

The activist was subjected to verbal abuse and physically assaulted with milk and glue by a group of young and older individuals. One of them poured glue on her head. The incident ended with the activist in tears.

In 2023, feminists in Chelyabinsk conducted a number of peaceful protests in support of women's rights. They also hung a banner stating "The ban on abortions is the murder of women" in opposition to the proposal by Margarita Pavlova, a member of the Federal Assembly, to ban abortions.

In March, they protested against male-only spas with a banner demanding their closure. In April, Chelyabinsk women also held a picket in opposition to declaring feminism as an extremist ideology.



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