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Kursk governor starred in a commercial for contract service

Photo from Roman Starovoit's Telegram Channel. Source: https://t.me/gubernator_46/
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On May 2, Roman Starovoit, the Governor of Kursk, released a video in which he, wearing a military uniform, calls for joining troops under a contract. Earlier, Alexander Bogomaz, the Head of the Bryansk region, issued a post with a similar appeal. These ads were published on the Telegram channels of the Kursk and Bryansk governors.

Roman Starovoit, the Governor of the Kursk region, has made a video statement in which he, dressed in military uniform, encourages people to consider service under contract. He also outlines the potential benefits, including a monthly salary of 204 thousand rubles ($2,545), a regional one-time payment of 100 thousand rubles ($1,248), and a presidential allowance of 195 thousand rubles ($2,433). Starovoit has also shared videos showcasing military training and him on duty, wearing a cap with a “Z” insignia.

Similarly, Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomaz has also posted advertisements promoting contract service, though he did not disclose specific salary figures. Instead, he provided detailed instructions on how to apply and become a contract serviceman or volunteer.

In 2022, the Severodvinsk administration website featured an advertisement for contract service, while in 2023, several mayors began publishing job postings for military positions in their Telegram channels. For example, Valery Denichenko, the mayor of Strezhevoy in the Tomsk region, emphasized that joining the military should be a "conscious step" rather than a forced one. He also noted that contract servicemen may face a range of experiences, from receiving orders and achieving victories to returning home in a casket.



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