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A Yakut anti-war activist labeled as a terrorist

According to a report by Mediazone on May 1, Aikhal Ammosov, an anti-war activist from Yakutia, has been labeled a terrorist. The Interior Ministry's wanted list, as discovered by the 7x7 media, includes Ammosov's name.

Yakut activist Aikhal Ammosov has been included in both the lists of terrorists and extremists and is currently being sought by the police under his real name, Igor Ivanov. It has been suggested by "Mediazone" that a new criminal case has been opened against him.

Ammosov left Russia for Kazakhstan in December, just four days prior to his trial on a criminal case for repeatedly discrediting the army. Despite a travel ban, the activist departed from Russia.

The case against Ammosov was initiated due to a poster he hung on the roof of a swimming pool in Yakutsk, which read "Yakutian punk against war". In the summer of 2022, he recorded a video message against the war on behalf of the Yakut people.

Ammosov believed that he was under constant surveillance in his homeland, with his phone calls being tapped. He claimed that he had been threatened with death and imprisonment on multiple occasions, including during interrogations.



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