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  2. "Doesn't this ruined house remind you of anything?"

"Doesn't this ruined house remind you of anything?"

Maria's [the name is changed at the person's request] family has survived the explosion of a five-story building in Efremov, Tula region. "Another five meters to the right, and we would have to bury everyone," Maria told “7x7” on February 8. 

One member of Maria's family was at work at the time of the gas explosion, the other was saved from the ruins. A neighbor from the apartment across the street is in the hospital, her house no longer exists. A total of eight people died in the explosion.

The Emergencies Ministry confirms that there might still be people under the rubble. The tenants, according to Maria, are in shock and uncertain about the causes of the explosion. According to one version, the blast occurred in an apartment occupied by drug addicts.

"It seriously made me sick when I tried to read the social media, and there everyone is applauding the two rescuers who had recently been at war in Mariupol, and now they are local heroes and saviors of victims from under the rubble," the young woman writes on social media.

Maria is infuriated that people in the town have only one bad thing on their agenda, the house destroyed in the blast. "For them, Mariupol is about heroism. For me, it's the houses that have been blown up just like mine. How can these kids be any better than those?" Maria asks.

Maria had emigrated from Russia the last fall. Even before the accident, Maria felt like she had lost her home, but only figuratively. Now it happened in reality. The young woman worries that the authorities may "patch up" the house and suggest the residents come back. Maria believes that the building is absolutely unfit for living there. "The sense of helplessness, when you can't even scream or cry," thus the Efremov native describes her feelings.

The explosion in the town of Efremov took place on February 7. Part of the 5-story building collapsed. The probable cause of the explosion was a malfunction of the gas equipment. A total of eight people were killed in the blast. Alexei Dyumin, the governor of the Tula region, has promised to find the tenants new homes and compensate them fully for their losses.


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