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  2. Deputy appeals to the prosecutor's office against the head of Komi for the words "ecological garbage" addressed to activists

Deputy appeals to the prosecutor's office against the head of Komi for the words "ecological garbage" addressed to activists

Photo provided by Viktor Vorobyov

The head of the Communist Party faction in the Komi State Council, Viktor Vorobyov, demanded that the prosecutor of the republic, Nikolai Egorov, initiate a case on insult (Article 5.61 of the Administrative Code) against the head of the republic, Vladimir Uyba. On December 14, during a direct line, he called the protesters against a new landfill in Ezhva "ecological garbage". Vorobyov reported the appeal to the prosecutor's office to 7x7 on December 16.

The deputy noted in the appeal that Vladimir Uyba had insulted "a significant group of citizens." Several hundred people are protesting against the construction of the landfill in Ezhva.

"As a citizen, I assess this statement as a disgrace. In the modern model of power, the very position [of the head of the republic] suggests that the head of Komi should unite people. And Uyba, during his time in office, only sows discord among citizens and the republican elite. This indicates his tyranny and incompetence. He needs to return to reality," Viktor Vorobyov said.

He added that "Ezhva is not a toilet tank, decent people live there, and they deserve a normal attitude to themselves."

If the prosecutor's office satisfies Vorobyov's demands, then Vladimir Uyba will face a fine of 50 to 100 thousand rubles or disqualification for up to a year.

The head of Komi insulted the residents during a live broadcast on December 14. Uyba urged "not to succumb to provocations from the so called eco-activists." It was about the residents of the Ezhvinsky District who are collecting signatures against the waste sorting plant’s construction. The authorities plan to transport waste from seven districts of the republic and Syktyvkar there. The residents are afraid that only 15% of waste will be sent for recycling, and the rest of the waste will be sent to the landfill next to the plant.

"There are people who want to have an eco-republic, and those people for whom the worse, the better. Pardon my expression, this ecological garbage. How can they say that sorting is bad? Well, excuse me, then what is good?" said Uyba during the live broadcast.

According to him, the construction of the complex in Ezhva will begin after public discussions and confirmation of environmental safety.


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