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  2. Karelian sailors cannot work due to military commissariat's ban on traveling abroad

Karelian sailors cannot work due to military commissariat's ban on traveling abroad

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Sailors in Karelia have been left without work and money due to the mobilization. The military commissariat forbade them to travel abroad, despite travel permits based on existing contracts. Sergei from Petrozavodsk told 7x7’s journalist about this on November 4.

Sergei from Petrozavodsk complained on Governor Artur Parfenchikov’s page that sailors were not allowed to work because of the mobilization. He asked the head of the region how he was supposed to pay taxes and for his apartment.

The authorities replied to the sailor that anyone who had been liable for military duty since the mobilization had been announced was prohibited from leaving their place of residence without military commissariats’ permission. He claims that he asked the military commissariat for a travel permit based on the existing contract, but was refused.

Dozens of people found themselves in such a situation, the Daily Karelia Newspaper reported. Sailor Vyacheslav could not go to Sri Lanka under the contract, because he was handed a written refusal at the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport and sent to a military commissariat. Sergei from Petrozavodsk was informed after another business trip at the end of September that he was not allowed to travel abroad. However, all of them received no summons.

The men said that in Karelia, sailors usually are the only breadwinners in their families, and they were worried that their wives and children would have been left without support.

On October 28, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the mobilization’s finalization. But it continued in Karelia until November 2. Head of Karelia Parfenchikov explained this by "military commissariats’ rotation." Baza and Astra Telegram channels, citing sources, claim that after Shoigu's statement, the border guards removed the data of 1 million potential recruits from databases. The lifting of the ban on leaving the country has not been officially reported.

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