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  2. Criminal case on discrediting the army is opened against eco-activist from Komi

Criminal case on discrediting the army is opened against eco-activist from Komi

Alexei Semyonov at a picket against ex-head of Komi Sergei Gaplikov in 2020
Photo by Dmitry Stepanovsky
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The police opened a criminal case against eco-activist Alexei Semyonov under the article on discrediting the military for anti-war posts in social networks. He was searched, and the court placed him under house arrest. The wife of Semyonov's son reported this to 7x7.

The court placed Alexei Semyonov under house arrest until October 6. His son's wife told 7x7 that a tracking bracelet was put on him. According to the police, the eco-activist "discredited the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on his page on vk.com." It is unknown which post or photo caused the case to be opened.

Alexei Semyonov was taken to his apartment for a search on October 13 immediately after leaving the temporary detention facility. All the equipment was seized from him.

On October 3, the court arrested the activist for 10 days under the article on disobedience to the police, immediately after he had served five days of administrative arrest under the article on non-payment of a fine. The reason was that on the day of his detention, Semyonov asked the Interior Ministry staff to let him take a package of groceries home. They regarded it as disobedience.

The eco-activist declared a dry hunger strike in the detention facility. On October 6, he was hospitalized, but then transferred back to the temporary detention facility due to refusal of an IV line.

Alexei Semyonov is a well-known activist in Komi and the owner of a recyclables' collection eco-point. In January, Syktyvkar City Court fined Semenov 10 thousand rubles for a picket against the construction of a landfill in the village of Izhma at the administration building.

In 2011, he was detained for a picket against the participation of Vladimir Ponevezhsky, the head of the supervisory authority of the republic, in the primaries of the All-Russia People's Front (ONF). In 2014, in Moscow, in front of LUKOIL’s building, Semyonov held a picket to draw attention to federal law No. 225 (on compulsory insurance of the civil liability of the owner of a hazardous facility for causing harm as a result of an accident at the hazardous facility).


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