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  2. Residents of Koryazhma appeal court's decision on transfer of land for landfill construction

Residents of Koryazhma appeal court's decision on transfer of land for landfill construction

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Residents of the Arkhangelsk city of Koryazhma filed an appeal against the court's decision to rule legal the transfer of land for the construction of a landfill. People had filed a lawsuit against the decision of the city council deputies to coordinate this project. The residents of Koryazhma believe that this project was adopted despite the fact that there already was an operating enterprise in the city. The residents are afraid that the landfill will be overfilled with garbage. Lawyer Alexander Kozenkov reported the decision’s appeal in his blog on 7x7.

In early August, the court dismissed the claim of the residents of Koryazhma against the transfer of land for the landfill construction. People demanded to rule illegal the decision of officials. They wrote in the lawsuit (is at 7x7’s disposal) that there already was an operating waste plant there. According to the citizens, the seizure of land for the new landfill creates a threat of it being overfilled: it is planned to bring at least 70 thousand tons of waste from seven districts of the region there.

Lawyer Alexander Kozenkov said that residents had ordered an independent environmental assessment from the Zeleny Mir (‘Green World’) Organization in Nizhny Novgorod. The experts came to the conclusion that the landfill would harm the environment. Kozenkov and the residents of Koryazhma sent the expert opinion to Rospotrebnadzor (the Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights).

In addition to Koryazhma, the Arkhangelsk authorities want to build waste sorting plants in Nyandoma and Kholmogorsky District. Residents of Nyandoma informed Governor Alexander Tsybulsky that the construction of a waste sorting plant with a landfill, where 45% of the imported waste were to be buried, would harm the environment. They are afraid that toxic substances from the landfill will "poison" local water bodies and soil. Residents of Arkhangelsk had launched a petition against the landfill in Nyandoma. More than 800 people signed it within one day.

In November 2021, communists of Arkhangelsk launched a collection of signatures against the waste sorting plant in Kholmogorsky District, because it could destroy a local lake.


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