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  2. The court cancels Syktyvkar ex-teacher’s fine for discrediting the military

The court cancels Syktyvkar ex-teacher’s fine for discrediting the military

Nikita Tushkanov

The court of first instance dismissed an administrative offense case against ex-teacher Nikita Tushkanov under the article on discrediting the military as time-barred. At the end of February, the young man published an anti-war post in which he analyzed fascist regimes. He reported this to 7x7.

Nikita Tushkanov said that he had appealed against a fine of 30 thousand rubles at the end of April, the Court of Appeal had sent the protocol for a new review to the court of first instance, but the case had been considered too late. He was fined for an anti-war post on vk.com in which Tushkanov analyzed fascist regimes.

At the same time, the former history teacher has already been fined 30 thousand rubles for this post, but under another article. The court found him guilty of disorderly conduct. The police drew up another protocol on the demonstration of Nazi symbols, but the court dismissed the case. At the end of April, 90 thousand rubles of fines were imposed on him under three articles.

In early June, Russians collected 60 thousand rubles for Nikita Tushkanov to pay the fines for his anti-war posts within a day.

In March 2021, the teacher was dismissed for supporting Alexei Navalny. He published posts in social networks and held a picket with a poster saying, "Keep silent or die" on January 23. In January, officials already asked the activist to resign voluntarily.

After that, Tushkanov held a one-person picket in front of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Komi Republic. He stood with the same poster saying, "Keep silent or die" in order to draw attention to the silencing of teachers' problems and the delay in the judicial proceedings for his reinstatement. The court refused to reinstate the ex-teacher.


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