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  2. Residents of Arkhangelsk give more than four thousand signatures against a landfill to the authorities

Residents of Arkhangelsk give more than four thousand signatures against a landfill to the authorities

Residents of the city of Nyandoma informed Governor Alexander Tsybulsky that the construction of a waste sorting plant with a landfill, where 45% of the imported waste were to be buried, would harm the environment. They are afraid that toxic substances from the landfill will "poison" local water bodies and soil. Lawyer Alexander Kozenkov announced the collection of signatures.

The citizens asked the governor to arrange a meeting with him, the developer, and the design company’s representatives. They had launched a collection of signatures against the landfill in Nyandoma. More than 800 people signed it within one day.

The landfill’s start-up is planned for 2024–2025. The annual capacity of the proposed plant will be 60 thousand tons, although residents of the Nyandoma District produce only about 5 thousand tons of waste per year. The distance from the landfill to the nearest populated area of the city of Nyandoma (the village of Uksusnyi) is less than 5 km.

In addition to Nyandoma, the authorities want to build waste sorting plants in the city of Koryazhma and Kholmogorsky District. In November 2021, communists of Arkhangelsk launched a collection of signatures against the waste sorting plant in the Kholmogorsky District, because it could destroy the local Lake Travnoye.

Regional social activists regularly oppose the construction of landfills near settlements and in green areas. In Vologda Oblast, residents held one-person pickets against the construction of a landfill near the village of Gorbachyovo in the Veliky Ustyug District. They claim that the authorities had not negotiated the placement of the landfill, where it had been planned to store 50 thousand tons of waste per year, with them. In their opinion, the landfill will harm the environment and poison the water they collect from wells and rivers.

In the spring of 2021, residents of the Sosnovsky District of Tambov Oblast opposed the construction of a landfill. They filed demands to prevent the construction of the facility with the Management of the Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing and Utility Infrastructure of Tambov Oblast. In their opinion, waste incineration will let harmful components get into the soil and groundwater, cause a threat to the health and life of people living near the landfill and increase in prices for the removal of solid municipal waste.


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