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Kedr, an independent media about environmental problems, is launched in Russia

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Journalists have launched Kedr (‘Cedar’), a media about the environment. They are going to publish investigations about fires, landfills, and people who "make billions on killing nature." Correspondents will talk about eco-activists and the world’s beauty. The media outlet’s editorial board reported this to 7x7.

Russian journalists have created Kedr, a media about the environment. During the special operation, they decided to pay attention to environmental problems, because military conflicts end, but "the needs for clean water and air never disappear." They plan to prepare materials about forest fires, river shallowing, landfills, radiation background, and people who make money on "killing" nature.

In addition to investigations, correspondents will prepare longreads about conservationists, movies about wild animals, diaries of zoologists, and informative content about how everyone can "live properly" in the environment and interact with its inhabitants. According to the project’s authors, it is high time people stopped considering nature as a "resource".

Kedr’s team includes journalists from Novaya Gazeta, Takie Dela (‘so it goes’), 7x7, Glasnaya (‘public’), and other independent media. The first longread of journalists is dedicated to the special operation’s environmental consequences.

The Teper’ Tak (‘now it is like that’) Partnership Bureau had prepared a longread about Russian eco-projects. It has prepared the List of Careful Initiatives of 2021, which the Russians called useful for the environment and society. The list includes 224 projects and solutions to urgent problems from 48 regions of Russia in various areas.


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