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  2. Contemporary art center in Krasnodar closes after being labeled as a foreign agent

Contemporary art center in Krasnodar closes after being labeled as a foreign agent

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The Tipografiya (‘print shop’) Independent Contemporary Art Center announced its closure on May 14. After it was labeled as a foreign agent on May 6, employees do not consider the space to be safe. The center had been showing paintings by contemporary artists, hosting classes for adults with autism and other events. The center's Instagram* account reported this.

The Tipografiya (‘print shop’) Krasnodar Independent Contemporary Art Center was closed due to being labeled as a foreign agent. The center was added to the register of NPOs acting as foreign agents on May 6. Employees no longer consider the space to be safe. They will hold a sale of furniture and works that were in the gallery.

The center has worked for almost 10 years. After the special operation started, the employees stopped organizing exhibitions and placed the exhibition hall in a warehouse’s service in order to save on rent and utility bills, but continued conducting classes with teenagers and adults with autism, performances, discussions, and other events.

"We are not going to close our legal entity and to stop working, but we need time to rearrange our work now," the center's Instagram* account stated.

Artists and philanthropist Nikolai Moroz opened Tipografiya in 2012. In the space, exhibitions and research were held, educational and movie programs were organized, discussions on topical topics were conducted, an archive of contemporary art of Krasnodar was created, and local artists were promoted.


* В материале упомянута организация Meta Platforms Inc., деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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