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  2. Female politicians and activists create a movement against violence and war in Russia

Female politicians and activists create a movement against violence and war in Russia

Sofia Bogatkina
The Myagkaya Sila Civic Movement
Photo provided by the Myagkaya Sila Civic Movement

Female politicians and activists have announced the creation of the Myagkaya Sila (‘soft power’) Sociopolitical Movement. According to the social activists, they will promote the concept of the state without violence and fight discrimination against women in politics and everyday life. The activists reported this to 7x7.

Activists want to promote the concept of developing the country without violence and weapons. In their opinion, the authorities should take care of education and medicine, the environment and the market situation for the development of Russia and the well-being of citizens. According to the social activists, domestic violence, torture in prisons, political repression, etc. occur everywhere in Russia.

“We are sure that the time has come for soft power in Russian politics. It is time to think about how to make life in our common home richer, calmer, cleaner, nicer and healthier, rather than how to rattle the sabre, humiliate the weak and demonstrate biceps. We are sure that Russia needs to change — to stop being barracks and a prison, and to become a cozy home for its citizens,” the activists said.

According to the social activists, they will support female politicians and promote the "traditionally women's" agenda (discrimination against Russian, poor families with children, etc.). 21 people, including politician Yulia Galyamina, Buryat journalist Anna Zueva, social activist Marina Litvinovich, etc., have joined the Myagkaya Sila Community.

Residents of different regions speak on the problems of domestic violence and discrimination against women. For example, in Izhevsk, the district court fined local resident Maria Poroshina for participating in a picket on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In Bryansk, feminists held one-person pickets against domestic violence and in support of adopting a law on its prevention in the city center.

On International Women's Day in 2020, activists from different cities held pickets dedicated to the fight for gender equity and against domestic violence. Residents of Arkhangelsk, Smolensk, Yaroslavl and Tyumen came out with posters.


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