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  2. Eco-Spider-Man and activists from Komi raise money for tire recycling

Eco-Spider-Man and activists from Komi raise money for tire recycling

Sofia Bogatkina
Alexander Chepurko in his superhero costume
Photo by Ivan Mishchikhin
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Eco-activist from Komi Alexander Chepurko (Eco-Spider-Man) and other social activists have raised 60 thousand rubles for tire recycling. They found them at illegal dumps. The recycled material will make bits, which activists plan to use for covering roads and courtyards. Alexander Chepurko told 7x7 about it.

As Alexander Chepurko told 7x7’s correspondent, activists of the Let's Make the Town Cleaner Civic Movement have been collecting tires in places of illegal dumps for more than two months. In total, social activists have collected more than 1 thousand used tires. Chepurko said that as a result, they would be processed into bits for covering roads and courtyards.

“We found a truck that will take the tires for recycling to Moscow Oblast, to the Dmitrovo plant. Our trouble is that we started collecting tires late and cleaned most of the places when winter already began. Hence, our trouble is that not all dumps could be cleaned,” the activist said.

Chepurko said that there were still more than 20 points of illegal dumps in Syktyvkar, Ezhva (the Ezhva District of Syktyvkar) and several places near the town. Thanks to the raised funds, activists will ship tires off for recycling to Moscow on December 7.

Shop assistant Alexander Chepurko from Syktyvkar has been fighting against illegal dumps for more than eight years. He has been transforming into Eco-Spider-Man and picking up garbage in the town and its surroundings in his spare time for the last two years. Chepurko has conducted more than 80 environmental raids and cleaned up more than 100 illegal dumps together with the activists within two years.

During one of the last raids, Eco-Spider-Man collected 87 bags of garbage on the heating main at the Kochpon boarding school in Severnaya Street. Chepurko, together with other social activists, publishes reports on what is done in the Let's Make the Town Cleaner Community.


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