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  2. A journalist from Yakutia starts a fundraiser for an expedition to the GULAG's locations

A journalist from Yakutia starts a fundraiser for an expedition to the GULAG's locations

Sofia Bogatkina
Photo by Geomosk. Source: commons.wikimedia.org
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Journalist Sasha Alexandrova has announced a fundraiser for an expedition to the cities and villages of Yakutia, where concentration camps used to be located. The correspondent wants to find out why monuments to Soviet leader Joseph Stalin are being put up in the region, where there were 105 GULAG’s institutions. Alexandrova has opened the fundraiser on the Sila Slova (‘the power of words’) Platform.

According to journalist Sasha Alexandrova, there were more than 100 camps in three districts of Yakutia during the years of Stalin's terror. About 1 million prisoners went through the correctional labor camps of Kolyma, Chukotka and the northeast of Yakutia from 1932 to 1956. They built and maintained roads, mined coal, gold and tin ore.

According to Alexandrova, monuments to Joseph Stalin have been put up in eight localities, including Yakutsk, the capital of the republic. The last one was put up in September 2020. The journalist is going to visit the settlements where there are still camp barracks and talk to local residents, local history experts and historians. It is important for her to find out why the terror is still being glorified in the villages and cities of Yakutia where there were 105 camps and more than 11 thousand repressed people.

Following the expedition’s results, the journalist will publish a longread on the Zima Media Portal. Alexandrova has to raise 85 thousand rubles to implement the project. She will use the money for transport charges, accommodation and a photographer's fee. Follow the link to support the project.

In 2020, the 7x7 Online Newspaper and the Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers (AIRP) launched the Sila Slova Crowdfunding Platform for media editorial boards, initiative journalists, bloggers, and civic organizations. The project’s goal is to help media and journalists speak on complex topics and unite to prepare important materials.

7x7’s correspondents Evgeny Malyshev and Ekaterina Malysheva have opened a fundraiser on the platform to make an investigation movie about the Sura River's pollution in Penza Oblast. They say that dozens of enterprises without sewage treatment plants spill wastewater into Sura and its confluents. Journalists want to find out why the law cannot stop an ecological disaster.

The Tomsk TV2 News Agency’s team has started a fundraiser to make the Ostrov (‘island’) movie about the Nazino tragedy. The film will be based on the events of 1933, when repressed people from the region were sent to an island near the village of Nazino and left without food.


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