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  2. In Kostroma, one-person pickets were held instead of a rally against amendments to the Constitution

In Kostroma, one-person pickets were held instead of a rally against amendments to the Constitution

Alexey Ukhankov
Photo by Alexey Molotorenko

Activists of the Narodovlastie (‘People Power’) Kostroma Non-Governmental Organization planned holding a rally against amendments to the Russian Constitution on June 22. The Mayor's office did not coordinate the action, the court of the first instance supported its decision, and the appeal in the regional court was postponed till June 29. Therefore, the appellants decided to hold one-person pickets on the same topic in the city center.

Picketers stood and held posters at the fire-observation tower and in Susaninskaya square, called "skovorodka" (‘the frying pan’) by residents of Kostroma. The posters were dedicated to the need to change the government system of the country and to the illegality of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

— There is no progress, no movement, no development without the alternation of power, only complete degradation in all directions, — civil activist Viktor Epifanov explained his negative attitude towards the zeroing amendments. According to him, the result of the vote on the amendments is already known: 70% people are taking part in it and the same number is voting for it.


Two passers-by decided to comment on the poster saying, "Down with Putin!". A middle-aged man in a uniform told a picketer, "Let's elect Trump, he will sort out the mess" and "If it wasn't for Putin, you would be screwed." And a young woman with a child said that another picketer with a poster had low intelligence.

On Saturday, June 20, communists held one-person pickets in various places in Kostroma against amendments to the Constitution and zeroing out Putin's terms. The amendments were also mentioned during a mass picket on June 12 near the regional Rus’ TV and Radio Company — the organizers had had the action coordinated in court.


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