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  2. "Ecocide by Sobyanin". Residents of the regions held one-person pickets against landfill for Moscow waste in Kaluga Oblast

"Ecocide by Sobyanin". Residents of the regions held one-person pickets against landfill for Moscow waste in Kaluga Oblast

Photo by Environmental Issues in Kaluga Oblast | vk.com/protest40
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Protests against the ecotechnopark near the village of Mikhali in Kaluga Oblast (it is planned to transport waste from Moscow Oblast there) were held on January 25 in Kaluga, Maloyaroslavets, Obninsk, and Nizhny Novgorod. Activists call the situation around the landfill "Shies of Kaluga".

The Environmental Issues in Kaluga Oblast Community on vk.com has reported the held pickets. People went along the streets in three cities of Kaluga Oblast and in Nizhny Novgorod with banners "Ecocide by Sobyanin: hazardous waste going to the riverheads in Kaluga Oblast. No landfill in Michali!", "Let’s stop the rivers’ death", " 1500,000 tons of Moscow waste per year. Environment is in danger in Kaluga."


In December 2019, eco-activists of Kaluga Oblast held one-person pickets along the transportation route of the main Christmas tree to the Kremlin. They lined up away from each other with banners in their hands protesting against the landfill for the burial of Moscow waste near the village of Mikhali.

It was decided to build a household waste landfill near the Kaluga village of Mikhali (150 km from Moscow) in 2017. According to MBH media, the construction of the landfill began in May 2019. At the same time, public hearings on the project were held only in August when special equipment was already working on the site. At the moment, the ecotechnopark is partially built and will be launched in 2020. The annual capacity will be 1.8 million tons of waste. The ecotechnopark will operate two waste sorting plants each having a capacity of 500 thousand tons.

The Moscow Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities published a territorial scheme for handling solid municipal waste on November 15. The document was noticed by the Trash Economy Telegram Channel on December 13. The list of objects for handling municipal solid waste in other regions doesn't include ecotechnopark in Arkhangelsk Oblast, but there are Kaluga and Vladimir Oblasts in it. According to the daily Kommersant, Moscow will have transported more than 15 million tons of waste to Kaluga Oblast and about 9 million tons to Vladimir Oblast over 10 years.


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